Mobility aid services

Mobility aid services are provided as part of the rehabilitation and treatment process and related services. The service process is based on the client's individual needs. The goal is to support the client's functional capacity with appropriate aids.

The purpose of mobility aids is to promote the client's rehabilitation, to support, maintain or improve his or her functional capacity in everyday tasks or to prevent the deterioration of functional capacity.

The responsibility for providing mobility aid services in medical rehabilitation has been divided between different service providers in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District. The client receives the mobility aid service either through basic health care or specialised health care.

The mobility aid loaning services at health care centres loan out basic mobility aids to municipal residents, whereas specialised health care provides mobility aid services that require special expertise.

Mobility aid services require a referral from a physician.

Persons in charge

Deputy Chief Rehabilitation Physician Virpi Heikkinen
Mobility Aid Services Chief Anne Ojala