Emergency services

In the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, specialised emergency care is available at the Tays Accident and Emergency Department Acuta and the Tays Valkeakoski Accident and Emergency Department. Also basic health care emergency patients are treated at both hospitals.

In addition, Tays has emergency care units for different specialties, including paediatrics, gynaecology, psychiatry and ophthalmology.

The emergency care units are intended for patients who have suddenly fallen ill or become injured and whose tests or treatment cannot safely be postponed until the following day, or whose life is threatened. Read more: Am I an emergency patient?

Patients are treated at the emergency care unit in order of urgency according to the severity of the illness. The urgency and need for treatment is evaluated by the reception nurse, i.e. the triage nurse.

If you do not have a life-threatening illness or an injury that requires emergency care, you will be referred to another place for treatment or sent home. Some patients may be treated by a nurse.

Patients from outside the Pirkanmaa region, or from foreign countries, with an illness requiring immediate care will always be treated. If a foreign patient needs interpreting, the nurse will contact an interpreter service.