Oral and dental emergency services

Dental emergency services for the residents of all municipalities belonging to the Pirkanmaa Hospital District are provided on the premises of Emergency Department Acuta. The City of Tampere is responsible for its operations. The specialised oral and maxillofacial emergency services are operated by Tays.

The Dental Emergency Unit provides first aid in the following situations:

  • severe toothache, which does not respond to painkillers and prevents sleep
  • worsening localised swelling in the mouth or face caused by a dental issue
  • severe pain, worsening swelling or continuous bleeding after tooth extraction or another dental procedure
  • dental or oral symptoms associated with a fever
  • detachment or loosening of a tooth due to an accident
  • a loose orthodontic appliance that pricks or chafes oral tissues

The following issues are not treated at the Dental Emergency Unit:

  • toothache that is alleviated by painkillers
  • chipped teeth, loose fillings
  • issues with prosthetic teeth
  • issues with removable orthodontic appliances
  • minor localised swelling of the gums
  • mucosal lesions
  • milk teeth injuries, unless they prevent closing of the mouth

Patients visiting the Dental Emergency Unit do not need to register at the desk and should wait to be called in lobby C.

Dental emergency services for residents of Tampere

Dental emergency services are available from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday for the residents of Tampere only. Please book an appointment by calling 03 565 70111 from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. At other times, please call the health care counselling service number 10023 or the mobile phone number 03 565 70023. More information is also available from the City of Tampere website.

Dental emergency services for the residents of other municipalities

The residents of other municipalities in Pirkanmaa can receive first aid for dental issues at the dental clinic of their local health centre during office hours (from 8 am to 3 pm) from Monday to Friday. Some municipalities offer emergency services outside regular office hours as well. Please contact your local health centre for more information.

During weekends and holidays, dental emergency services for the residents of all municipalities are centered at Tays Emergency Department Acuta. Please book an appointment from 8 am to 12 noon by calling 03 565 70115.

Specialised oral and maxillofacial emergency services

Emergency services are available at the Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases Outpatient Clinic from Monday to Friday during office hours (7:30 am to 3:30 pm). With the exception of acute emergencies, a referral is always required for treatment. The physician or dentist referring the patient for treatment should preferably contact the physician on call by telephone. If the patient comes to the outpatient clinic during regular office hours, he/she will receive medical attention more quickly and more efficiently than at other times.

The oral and maxillofacial specialist on call can be called to Acuta to provide treatment assistance outside regular office hours. The purpose of the emergency services is to quickly and efficiently initiate examinations and treatment for patients with oral and maxillofacial diseases, injuries or other symptoms that require hospitalisation or may quickly develop into a condition requiring hospitalisation.

Based on an examination, the physician on call decides if the patient should be admitted to an inpatient ward for further examinations, monitoring or administration of potent intravenous medication or if a surgical team needs to be called in immediately for emergency surgery. The decision on whether a patient needs to be admitted to the hospital or not is influenced by the seriousness of the acute localised condition or symptom but also by the patient’s other illnesses.

The oral and maxillofacial specialist on call will be consulted by telephone or called in to provide assistance in the following situations, for example:

  • A probable infection caused by a tooth or a dental procedure associated with rapidly worsening swelling inside the mouth or swelling of the face, lower jaw or neck, stiffness of the jaw, severe pain, difficulty swallowing or generalised symptoms such as fever, obstructed breathing or other deterioration of the patient’s general condition.
  • A facial injury caused by an accident (assault, traffic accident, other trauma) associated with known or suspected lower jaw or mid-face fractures.
  • An extensive dental contusion (several loose or broken teeth, contusions of the gums and soft tissues) or other accidental wound or contusion in the region of the mouth and jaw that requires extensive repairs.
  • Post-operative bleeding caused by tooth extraction or another oral surgical procedure that cannot be staunched by applying compression for 45 minutes.
  • Dislocation of the lower jaw or acute lockjaw.
  • Prolonged intolerable pain in the region of the mouth and jaw that is not alleviated by oral painkillers.

Person in charge

Specialised Oral and Maxillofacial Emergency Services: Chief Dentist Timo Peltomäki