Tourism and the coronavirus: Information for travellers

If you enter Finland and Pirkanmaa County from abroad, you may make use of the FINENTRY service. FINENTRY will provide you with information about entry procedures and allow you to make a free coronavirus test appointment in Finland.


FINENTRY is an online service to facilitate quick entry into the country and ease access to free coronavirus testing in Finland.

Using FINENTRY, you can:

  • make an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland,
  • receive instructions on how to arrive at the test via SMS, and
  • receive the results of the coronavirus test by SMS.

Who is the FINENTRY service for?

The FINENTRY service is suitable for:

  • Finns and permanent residents of Finland returning from abroad
  • persons arriving to Finland for work or studies, and
  • leisure travellers.

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General travel information

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, there are special restrictions on travel and entry into the country. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) will issue health safety instructions to travellers arriving in Finland. Go to the THL website for the most up-to-date travel instructions and recommendations on self-quarantine.

The Finnish Border Guard will make the decision on granting entry during a border inspection. A Finnish citizen will always have the right of return to Finland. The Border Guard Website will provide more specific instructions on if travel to Finland from a given country is permitted. 

Look up up-to-date information about your destination

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, several countries have enacted exceptional restrictions and arrangements for entry. Before going on a journey, look up up-to-date entry regulations with the authorities in your country of destination, such as through their website or the embassy of that country. 

Many countries require a recent negative coronavirus test result for entry. Find out the necessary procedures at your destination in advance.

Neither Tays nor Fimlab can issue coronavirus test certificates to travellers; your municipality of domicile is responsible for this service. In practice, travel-related coronavirus tests and certificates must be acquired from private healthcare providers. If you are going on a work-related trip, contact your occupational healthcare provider.