The strategy of Tays emphasises serving each patient with dignity and providing them with safe care and also ensuring a good service experience for the patient and customer. The strategy was updated in December 2020. 

Our ethical principles

  • Good care
  • Mutual respect
  • Appreciation of competence
  • Responsibility

Our target state

Tays is chosen by patients and appreciated by personnel, and is the most influential and digitally-advanced university hospital network.

Chosen by our patients

  • We are known for our kindness and for the quality and safety of our care around the clock every single day.
  • We measure customer satisfaction by NPS, a recommendation index.
  • We are the quickest university hospital to provide access to treatment (median time of access to treatment).
  • We will also become increasingly popular outside the Pirkanmaa Region – freedom of choice, insurance companies, payment commitments, partnerships.
  • We don’t drive growth at the expense of effectiveness.
  • We believe in ourselves so much that we always also tell patients about other treatment location options.
  • We provide treatment continuity – our patient receives a personal doctor whenever possible.
  • Our patients take part in the development of treatment paths (patient panels).

Appreciated by the personnel

  • We provide them with the opportunity to grow into top professionals.
  • Management is a possible and popular choice at Tays.
  • A climate of trust and a coaching style of management prevail throughout Tays.
  • Our personnel recommend Tays as a workplace.

Most effective

  • We will become the centre of medicine and nursing science and of effective patient care in Finland.
  • Our doctors take effectiveness data into consideration when deciding on the treatment plan.
  • Effectiveness supports the health benefit of our patients.
  • We will continue to be the most productive university hospital in Finland in terms of both personnel and total productivity.
  • We promote the integration of primary health care, specialised health care and social services.
  • Most digitally advanced
  • We are implementing the change to digital culture.
  • We are introducing data utilisation at the core of the development of new effective treatments.
  • We are achieving significant productivity benefits using digital operating models.
  • Our personnel understand their responsibility in ensuring data security and data protection.