The outpatient clinics of our hospitals use self-registration machines. The invitation letter has more detailed instructions regarding registration. When arriving at the ward, registration usually takes place in the ward.

Self-registration in the main lobby

  • There is a self-registration macine in the main lobby of the hospital. Show the barcode in the invitation letter, your Kela card or driver's license for the registration machine.
  • The machine will print out directions for the outpatient clinic where you have the appointment, as well as the visit number which will be used to call you in for the reception.
  • If you have several appointments on the same day, the machine will print out them all in the order of the time of each appointment. The visit number is the same for all appointments during the same day.

At the outpatient clinic

  • Please keep an eye on the information screen in the waiting room; your visit number and the number of the reception room will appear on the screen.
  • If you have problems using the machine, ask for help from the help-desk in the main lobby or from the staff of the outpatient clinic.

Registration in the radiography or laboratory

  • In the radiography services register at the registration desk.
  • In the laboratory you don't have to regsiter. Take a queue number, unless you have reserved an appointment.