Coming to Tays

You have received an invitation to Tays. Read the invitation letter carefully and keep it. It will provide information on when and where you should arrive, where you can check in and register, and how you should prepare before your arrival. Follow the instructions carefully. We hope that your experience and treatment at our hospital will meet your expectations. Welcome!


You can ask about matters relating to a referral or appointments from the outpatient clinic or ward to which you have been invited. The telephone number can be found in the letter you have received from the hospital.

Cancelling or postponing an appointment

If you suddenly fall ill or for some other reason cannot come to your appointment at the hospital, inform the outpatient clinic or ward that sent you the invitation as soon as possible. An infectious disease could be a reason to postpone a scheduled surgery or treatment. Ask in advance about a situation like this. The telephone number can be found in the invitation letter. We will charge a cancellation fee for appointments that have not been used or cancelled.

What to bring along

  • The invitation letter
  • Your Kela card
  • The child health clinic card for pre-school children
  • The prenatal health care card for pregnant women
  • An up-to-date list of medications used or a medication card. It is also important to report the strength and dose of medications.
  • Personal asthma sprays and insulin pens
  • Personal assistive tools
  • Contact information of a family member
  • Personal hygiene items when coming to the ward
  • Some important toy for child patients.

You should leave your valuable items, jewellery and large amounts of cash at home, as the hospital is not responsible for them during the treatment period. An invoice will be mailed to your home address after the treatment.

Please also leave tobacco products at home, as our hospitals are non-smoking. The patient has the right to receive a necessary replacement therapy during the treatment period. It is forbidden to bring alcohol or other substances to the hospital.