Discharge and follow-up treatment

Discharge and possible transfers to a follow-up treatment unit are planned right from the beginning of the treatment period. If there are issues that need to be considered in relation to discharge or follow-up treatment, inform your personal nurse, the treatment staff or the treating physician about them well in advance before the day of discharge.

Upon discharge, the patient will receive the following from the hospital:

  • The necessary prescriptions or information about electronic prescriptions that have been written
  • A sickness leave certificate and other required certificates, such as a certificate of travel costs. Inform the staff before discharge about which certificates you need.
  • Discharge instructions
  • Contact information and instructions on whom you should contact if problems occur at home in relation to the illness or a procedure you have had.

The bill for the hospital fees will be sent to your home address.

Treatment summary

A summary of the treatment period at the hospital will be written and given to you when discharging from the hospital, or sent to your home address. You can see your own health records in My Kanta Pages if you have a Finnish personal ID code and means of identification (i.e. online bank ID or mobile ID). 

We will also send a copy of the summary to your personal physician, the physician who referred you to the hospital, as well as the health care unit taking care of follow-up treatment. If you, as a patient, would like to prohibit disclosure of information, inform the treatment staff during your stay at the hospital.

Follow-up appointments

If a follow-up check-up at the hospital is needed, we will make an appointment for a control visit at the outpatient clinic. In some cases, we will give the patient instructions to make the appointment for the follow-up check-up at the health care centre or for the physician who referred the patient to hospital treatment. For removal of sutures, the patient usually makes an appointment for a health nurse.

In some cases, treatment will continue at our hospital after just a short time period, and in this case the patient will already receive information about the appointments upon discharge. For later appointments, we will send an invitation to come to the hospital to the patient's home address.

Give us your feedback

The staff would like you to provide feedback on your treatment experience in the wards and outpatient clinics using the feedback form you have been given. If you have a complaint about the treatment, care or something else, you can find the instructions in section Feedback.