We want to continuously improve the treatment and service of our hospitals. You may help us in these efforts by giving us feedback and development suggestions about our operations.

You may give feedback in different ways:

  • Give feedback directly to the personnel in the unit where you are a patient or visitor.
  • Fill a paper feedback form available in our treatment units and in the hospital lobbies.
  • Use the electronic feedback form
  • Respond to the service experience survey that is intended for all patients and clients treated in our hospitals.

We will process all feedback received in confidence. The feedback will be processed in the unit its pertains to. The unit concerned will decide on the steps to be taken to address the issues raised in the feedback.

What is the effect of the feedback received?

Based on the feedback received, we have developed our guidance practices, made purchases and trained our personnel. The feedback is also utilised in extensive projects to develop our operations.

Based on the feedback we have received every year, the most frequently expressed wish is that the announced appointment timetables should be better adhered to. We seek to anticipate the situations to the best of our ability when the invitation letters and appointments are made, but changes sometimes need to be rapidly made according to the medical emergency situation currently at hand.

We are frequently commended for good treatment and service and patient meals. Based on the feedback, we have been able to improve them even further to serve the needs of our patients and clients.