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For visitors and family members

Instructions for a safe visit during the pandemic
Come for a visit only when you are healthy. Use surgical mouth and nose protection while in the hospital and hand disinfectant on arrival and departure. Keep a distance of more than 2 metres to other patients and the hospital staff. Avoid unnecessary movement on the ward premises. If necessary, ask the staff for help, for example, by ringing the patient call bell.

During the normal conditions, most wards in Tays are open for visitors to visit freely during daytime. Nevertheless, we would like to ask family members to come and visit the patient in the afternoon or the evening, as treatments and tests take place in the morning and around noon. Night time is reserved for rest.

The visiting hours or the number of visitors are limited in some units due to the nature of the operations there. More detailed instructions on visiting can be found on each unit's introduction page, or by asking the staff of the ward.

Do not come for a visit to the hospital if you have flu, a cough or fever or some other contagious disease. Use hand disinfectant when you come to the ward and the patient room, as well as when you leave.

Ask the treatment staff whether it is possible to bring flowers or food to the patient. Flowers cannot be taken to the patient room if one of the patients in the room is allergic to them. Eating may be limited by a procedure performed on the patient, a disease or a special diet.

Taking photographs and video in the hospital

You almost always need permission to take photographs or video in the hospital. Only the main lobby and the cafeterias are public spaces where you are allowed to take photographs or video without permission. Elsewhere in the hospital permission is required to take photographs or video.

The unit supervisor or media and communication services may give permission to take photographs or video. You need consent from patients who can be identified from the photographs or video. You always need consent from persons appearing in a photograph when the photograph is going to be published in a magazine, on the internet or in social media. Photographs cannot be published without consent even in such social media services where the users viewing them are limited, e.g. in Facebook.

Visiting a family with a new-born baby

Mothers who have just given birth and their new-borns need a lot of rest and peace. A spouse or support person and the baby's siblings may visit the obstetrics ward from 10 am to 8 pm, and the baby's grandparents from 6 pm to 7 pm.

There are no visiting limitations in the Perheonni Unit of the patient hotel. Families with a new-born who stay in the patient hotel are responsible for taking care of inviting visitors according to their personal schedules. A visitor coming to the patient hotel should first check in at the hotel's reception, which will then inform the family about the visitor. You can also agree on the visit by telephone directly with the family. A family or support person has to meet the visitor in the ground floor lobby or at the locked door of their floor.