Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement

Coxa is the largest hospital in the Nordic countries to exclusively specialise in joint replacement operations. With services provided by 300 top experts in their field, patient safety at Coxa is among the very best in international comparison.

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is committed to providing the best possible care for its patients and to restore their functional capacity to help them go back to enjoying their normal daily lives as quickly as possible. We are able to offer our patients a chance to rediscover the joy of motion thanks to our tailored, researched-based and exceptionally provided care.

Our strong reputation as a leading centre of excellence has also brought on more responsibility, as an increasing number of the most demanding joint replacement cases in Finland are now referred to us. Coxa is the leading national hospital to carry out re-operations, which require specialised expertise and extensive experience from the surgeon. Coxa also has special expertise in the treatment of tumour and infection patients.

Directly to Coxa with a physician’s referral throughout Finland

Since the beginning of 2014, patients have been entitled to freely choose their place of treatment from amongst all public specialist healthcare service units in Finland. To use this right, a referral from a licensed physician including a mention of the patient’s statutory freedom of choice must be presented.

For a patient who chooses Coxa based on their statutory freedom of choice, the cost charged for the treatment is the same as in the local hospital of their municipality of residence.

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) will reimburse travel costs to the university hospital that is located closest to the patient's municipality of residence. The freedom of choice also pertains to post-operative treatment of joint replacement operations and re-operations.


CEO Kristiina Michelsson
Finance Director Sami Ahlström
Chief Medical Director Teemu Moilanen
Nursing director Minna-Riikka Rantala