Reforming Programme

Tampere University Hospital is going to be reformed. Over the next decade, Tays is going to take a completely new approach to organising patient treatment. The future of special health care involves collaboration between patients, family members and hospital personnel.

We are going to reform the majority of our treatment facilities. Our current facilities are getting cramped, as the population in this region has grown quickly and is getting older, and therefore the number of patients is constantly growing.

Treatment practices and possibilities are also developing all the time, so our partly outdated facilities no longer meet the demands of our future operations.

In addition to reforming the facilities, we are going to change our operational practices.

We will reform the operational models and the associated ordering, supply and storage systems at outpatient departments, wards and operating theatres.

Welcome to the hospital of the future

Without reforming, we would not be able to meet future treatment needs.

In specialist health care, the functionality of the services that patients need, the presence of family members and opportunities for outpatient care are the most significant components of good treatment. The keyword is patient-oriented services, focusing on the safety, ease and comfort of treatment.

In the future, certain illnesses and injuries will be treated effortlessly together in the same unit, all the way from admission to discharge.

Easy to visit

Service quality means effortless availability for patients.

The most visible improvement for patients is the expansion of the main hall and the customer service centre in the hall, which can be directly accessed from the underground car park.

The new main hall is transforming the hospital into a coherent complex that is easy for patients and personnel to navigate. These changes will improve comfort for everyone at the hospital – patients, visitors and personnel. Arriving at the hospital is easier, with the possibility of contacting physicians and nurses and checking in electronically.

All of us together

We are building new and repairing the old. The new buildings provide new, modern facilities for those operations that most urgently need them. They will form a coherent combination to provide efficient quality treatment for children, adolescents, pregnant women and patients with musculoskeletal disorders, for example. The new buildings are finished in stages, after which the renovation of the old sections of the hospital will begin.

The schedule will be specified in more detail as the plans proceed.

All for the patient’s best

The new Tays will bring us together. Modern facilities make it easier for personnel and patients to move around.

They will also increase the efficiency of operations as well as patient safety and privacy. For example, by increasing the number of single person rooms, we can prevent the spread of MRSA bacteria and other microbes. Privacy also increases comfort and makes it possible to invite family members for visits.

The reforming programme in a nutshell

Tampere University Hospital is the brightest star of specialist health care services in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District. We provide services that are truly appreciated by our customers. The trust of people and the support from owner communities encourage us to act ethically in our tasks as a service provider and make us appreciate and value our clients.

This requires a high level of professional competence, which is born through collaboration with the university and our other partners. The reforming programme guarantees that we can continue to provide client-oriented quality health care services in the future as well. In addition, the construction projects will create employment in the Pirkanmaa region, for up to 3,300 man-years.

The reforming programme in figures

  • 7 joint operational subprojects
  • 18 unit-specific operational subprojects
  • 7 construction subprojects:
  • Altogether approx. 98 000 m2 of new space will be built.
  • Altogether 40 000 m2 of old space will be renovated in the A, K and B buildings.

This includes four new buildings:

The D building: treatment for pregnant women, women in labour and new-born children, treatment for people with musculoskeletal diseases, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, laboratory sample collection, as well as the main hall and instrument maintenance

The L building: centre for children and adolescents

The N building: Tays Heart Hospital

Underground car park

The E building: kidney centre and infection unit

The costs of new buildings and renovations are approximately € 330 million, and some necessary infrastructure construction work will also be carried out at Tays.