Reforming Programme

The comprehensive reform programme was launched in 2010 and will be continued in phases in the coming decade. The reform containts both new buildings and the renovation of older buildings. The reform has been planned as a collaborative effort among professionals of hospital construction, staff, service users and patient associasions.

We at Tampere University Hospital are renewing our operations to ensure modern health care services now and in the future. We are building a hospital environment in which the patients, their family members and the staff can thrive. We are improving patient safety, providing easier access to services and enabling better movement of people and goods. A central principle of the reform is that patients suffering from particular diseases or injuries are treated in a single unit each containing outpatient clinic, wards and respective interventional facilities. After the reform, it is easier for family members to participate in the treatment.

Without reforming, we would not be able to meet future treatment needs.

Treatment practices and possibilities are developing all the time, so our partly outdated facilities no longer meet the demands of our future operations. In addition to reforming the facilities, we are also developing our operational practices. We will reform the operational models and the associated ordering, supply and storage systems at outpatient departments, wards and operating theatres.

The keyword is patient-oriented services, focusing on the safety, ease and comfort of treatment.

The new main lobby provides easy access to the hospital

The most visible improvement so far has been the new main hall, which was opened autumn 2019. It offers customers easy arriving and convenient checking in possibilities.

The new main lobby provides interior access to the other hospital units. During the hospital visit, one can take care of pharmacy needs, buy flowers, enjoy the refreshments of the cafeteria and kiosk and even visit the hairdresser. In the meeting place, it is possible to get support from patient associations. Visitors can spend time in a brightly lit lounge with a glass ceiling.

The parking hall under the main lobby provides an easy interior access to the main lobby.

New Buildings

2013 Building O - Tampere Surgical Education Centre

2015 Building E - Kidney diseases and infectious disesases

2018 Building N - Heart Hospital, Parking Hall

2019 Building L - Pediatric and Adolescent Hospital

2019 Building D - Main entrance, obstetrics, neonatal care, musculoskeletal diseases, vascular surgery, interventional radiology and equipment care

2019 Tays Pitkäniemi Thereapy Building

2020 Building F - Clinical Nuclear Medicine and Haematology

2023 Building T - Psychiatry

Several new buildings haven been built during Tays reforming programme.