Special arrangements

Patient treatment and other operations will continue in hospitals throughout the construction project without interruptions. In order to guarantee a flexible and safe passage, we may need to resort to special arrangements as construction progresses.

We will always inform about special arrangements on the website of the hospital district, in invitation letters and on the signs in the area.

Changes in the traffic in the Tays area

The locations of the construction yards and current passageways have been marked on the map of the Tays area.

  • The main entrance has been relocated to the R building (i.e. Radius building). The majority of traffic is directed to Tays from Teiskontie, via Lääkärinkatu.
  • The parking area in front of Radius, Riviparkki, has been completely reserved for patients and hospital visitors.
  • Obstetrics, and now also paediatric emergency services, can be accessed via Lääkärinkatu.
  • The old main entrance and the parking space in the front yard have been completely closed from outsiders.
  • First Aid Acuta and the Tays facilities on Biokatu can still be accessed from Teiskontie, through the intersection of Kuntokatu.