Tays Cancer Centre

Tays Cancer Centre is a high-standard cancer treatment, research and training centre in the catchment area of Tampere University Hospital. Research and competence of the personnel are an essential part of our cancer treatment development work.

Tays Cancer Center is formed by Tampere University Hospital and University of Tampere. It is a central part of our regional cancer centre FICAN Mid. Five finnish regional cancer centers and the Coordinating Cancer Center form the national Cancer Center network, FICAN. It aims to develop cancer treatments and guarantee that all patients will have the best proven, equal and cost-effective treatment regardless of their place of residence in Finland.

We personalise the treatment to match the individual needs of patients with different ages and in the different stages of the disease. We only use treatment methods that are based on research data. We are actively working on cancer research and on development of better cancer treatments. Tays Cancer Center has a patient forum, in which patients and their close ones have an opportunity to participate in developing our action.

In 2019, the Tays Cancer Center received the international OECI Cancer Center quality certificate from the European Cancer Institute (OECI).

Persons in charge

Chief Physician Annika Auranen

You can ask for more information via email. We are pleased to answer all questions!