Tays Cancer Centre for patients

Tays Cancer Centre is the second largest cancer treatment centre in Finland. We ensure the treatment of patients suffering from cancer in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District and its catchment area. The freedom of choice also enables patients of the other hospital districts to be treated at Tays.

Even though an increasing number of Finns are being diagnosed with cancer, it is good to remember that 60% of cancer patients make a full recovery. In Finland, the treatment results are among the best in the world due to early diagnostics and advanced treatments.

As a patient of Tays Cancer Centre you are treated either at the different units of Tays or the regional central hospitals. Your treatment is always individually planned depending on the characteristics of the cancerous tumour and how advanced the disease is.

Your situation is processed at joint multi-professional meetings of surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and oncologists. This is done to ensure that your treatment path will lead you through the cancer treatments in the best possible way.

Clinical drug trials are also actively carried out at Tays.

Tays Cancer Centre belongs to the Comprehensive Cancer Centre Finland (FICAN) network. The objective of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre Finland is to safeguard high-quality treatment and most recent treatment options for the patients in an fair manner regardless of the place of residence.

Family and friends

When faced with a serious disease, the significance of family and friends is emphasised. We welcome family and friends to accompany the patient to the outpatient clinic and ward in all phases of treatment.

Patient Hotel is located in the grounds of Tays allowing family and friends and possibly also the patient to stay the night.

Peer support and patient forum

Often the best kind of support for a cancer patient comes from those with similar experiences. Pirkanmaa Cancer Society provides information about peer support persons.

We also have a patient forum dedicated to cancer patients, which allows us to hear wishes and ideas of the patients on the improvement of the services.

Cancer treatment units

Our cancer treatment units are:

The treatment of cancer diseases is often a cooperative effort of several medical specialities. We at Tays also treat patients suffering from cancer diseases at specialist units other than cancer treatment units: