Tays Cancer Centre for students

Tays Cancer Centre and the treatment units of Tays offer students diverse possibilities to explore cancer diagnostics and treatment at a university hospital. Much basic research related to cancer is carried out at the University of Tampere.

Medical student

As a medical student, the possibilities of cancer treatment will become familiar to you from the very beginning of your studies. You will get to explore cancer surgery during surgery courses and cancer treatment in more detail during the three-week clinical course of oncology during the 5th or 6th year of studies. The course involves an overview of the basics of the most common cancer types, and you will get to explore the operations of the clinic at the outpatient clinic, wards and radiation therapy.

Before graduation, it is possible to act as a junior house officer at the clinic and, after the primary health care work period, it is possible to apply for the educational programme to become a specialist in cancer diseases.

Nursing student

As a nursing student, you will have the chance to be a part of a highly professional treatment team. You will learn to understand and widely utilise the information basis of patient nursing and to analyse proven data on patient care.

During the instructed practical training, you will explore the treatment of adult cancer patients from the view point of the outpatient clinic, radiation therapy and ward. You will get to explore the treatment path of a cancer patient and to implement, among other things, the pharmacotherapy of a cancer patient. You will also have the possibility to explore the palliative, symptom-oriented treatment unit.

In addition to degree programmes, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers professionals working in the field of health care the chance to deepen their own competence through a diverse selection of training programmes. The specialisation programme ‘Multi-professional treatment chain of a cancer patient’ widely develops the competence required by its own area of expertise in cancer prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Radiographer student

As a radiographer student, you can complete practical training in your studies at the cancer radiation therapy unit. During the training period, you will get to widely explore the treatment of cancer patients and practise meeting and treating patients suffering from cancer.

With the help of the unit’s modern imaging and treatment devices, you will be able to practise the technical implementation of radiation therapy. You will also get to explore respiration-gated radiation therapy and stereotactic radiation therapy based on movement monitoring during radiation therapy.

Students of the University of Applied Sciences have the chance to prepare radiation therapy-related theses in cooperation with the radiation therapy unit.

Midwife student

As a midwife student, you will get to explore the treatment of patients suffering from gynaecological cancer during the gynaecological disease training course. During the course, you will have the opportunity to explore the most common gynaecological cancer types and their treatment methods and the treatment path of a cancer patient. You will learn how to deal with cancer patients and recognise special characteristics of treating a patient suffering from cancer.