Palliative Care Unit

The palliative care unit of Tays treats patients suffering from incurable diseases, who require active treatment to alleviate symptoms and to maintain their quality of life. The treatment options include different symptom-relieving measures, psychosocial support, pharmacotherapy and radiation therapy.

Palliative care is needed by patients who suffer from incurable cancer but also by patients suffering from other advanced diseases. Palliative care may last for years, while end-of-life care precedes the assumed approaching time of death, the last weeks of life.

The course of treatment

Patients come to the palliative unit from the cancer outpatient clinic or wards, and with a doctor’s referral from the other units of Tays, health centres or the other hospitals of the district.

Palliative care may also be carried out alongside treatment targeting on the disease, such as cancer pharmacotherapy. We plan and implement the treatment of an incurable disease comprehensively and symptomatically. As necessary, we prepare a plan for end-of-life care.

We operate in close cooperation with the municipal home care, health centre hospitals and Pirkanmaa Hospice. We send the treatment instructions to the units of further treatment and serve as a consulting party in problematic situations.

Facilities and operations of the unit

The facilities of the outpatient clinic are spacious and bright. The unit has three appointment rooms, a treatment room and five beds for day-time use.

Our operations are carried out on an outpatient basis, so the unit does not have its own bed places. In cases where a patient requires treatment at a ward, we request support from the health centre hospitals, Pirkanmaa Hospice or cancer treatment wards, depending on the situation.

Persons in charge

Chief physician Juho Lehto
Ward manager Merja Kaikkonen