Tays Eye Centre

The treatment, surgery and rehabilitation of eye diseases in Tampere University Hospital is centered in the Tays Eye Centre. The patients' age ranges from children to elderly people.

The patients come to Eye Centre by a referral of a general practitioner or a private eye specialist, either as emergency patients or by appointment.

The four main groups of eye diseases make two thirds of patients and visits in Tays Eye Centre:

  • Wet macular degeneration (the main course for permanent visual disability in the elderly)
  • Glaucoma (the number two cause for visual disability in the aged)
  • Diabetic eye disease (causing visual disability within working-age population) and
  • Cataract.

The number of referrals within ophthalmology was 9700 in 2017, the highest number within the hospital. The total number of patient visits in 2017 was 51 000.


Head of department Marko Kataja
Chief Physician Hannele Uusitalo-Järvinen
Service Manager Sirpa Miettunen