Tays Heart Hospital

Tays Heart Hospital is a full-service hospital specialising in cardiac treatment. The patient is at the heart of all operations and development, and providing a seamless, timely and effective care pathway is always the starting point of treatment..

Tays Heart Hospital Tays Heart Hospital is a limited liability company owned by the joint municipal authorities of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District and the Kanta-Häme Hospital District. This hospital focuses on cardiac care and treats patients from both the public and private sectors who require cardiological treatment or cardiothoracic surgery.

The services of the Heart Hospital include examination of cardiac diseases, planning and execution of treatment, and treatment follow-up. We also offer various research and training services to health care professionals.

The Heart Hospital is responsible for providing specialised health care to cardiac patients in the Pirkanmaa region, and it also provides services to other municipalities, hospital districts and other operators in the field of health care. Patients from all over Finland can seek treatment at the Heart Hospital, either as public-sector patients needing specialised health care with the option to choose their place of treatment, or as patients of the private sector. The Heart Hospital operates in six locations: Tampere, Valkeakoski, Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki, Jyväskylä and Helsinki.

A multi-disciplinary cardiology team serves the best interests of the patient

The operations of the Heart Hospital have been designed to support the patient’s care pathway, which means that the patient can stay in the same unit throughout the whole treatment period. Our operations model makes it possible to admit and treat patients quickly.

The Heart Hospital employs over 400 professionals specialising in the treatment of cardiac conditions. Approximately 75 of these professionals are physicians. The cardiology team includes physicians and nurses specialising in cardiac treatment, as well as other professionals specialising in the treatment of cardiac patients. Our multi-disciplinary expertise ensures a seamless, reliable and safe treatment experience.

Our new premises and equipment represent top international quality

The Heart Hospital commenced operations in new premises in May 2018. The new building of the Heart Hospital is the first finished building of the Tays front yard project. The hospital's new premises and equipment represent top international quality. The new premises were designed around the principle of ensuring that the treatment process functions smoothly and the needs of the patients and their loved ones are taken into account as thoroughly as possible.

Co-operation between specialised health care and the third sector improves the treatment of cardiac patients

The office of the registered cardiac association Hämeenmaan Sydänpiiri ry is located in the new Heart Hospital. This operating model, where the third sector and specialised health care work under the same roof , is the first of its kind in Finland. The goal is to ensure that all services relating to cardiac care, from the treatment offered by the Heart Hospital to advice on coping with everyday activities, are easily accessible and available in the same place.

Persons in charge

CEO, Chief Medical Officer Pasi Lehto