Tays Heart Hospital

Tays Heart Hospital is a full-service hospital specialising in cardiac treatment. The patient is at the core of operations and development, and the patient's peace of mind is the starting point for treatment.

Tays Heart Hospital is a limited liability company owned by the Tampere University Hospital (Tays). This hospital focusing on cardiology treats patients in both the public and private sectors who require cardiac treatment or cardiac and cardiothoracic surgery.

The services of the Heart Hospital include cardiac disease studies, the planning and execution of treatment, as well as treatment follow-up. In addition, we provide various research and training services to health care professionals.

The Heart Hospital is responsible for the special health care of cardiac patients in the Pirkanmaa region, and also provides services to other municipalities, hospital districts and health care sector companies. Patients can seek treatment at the Heart Hospital either as a patient in public sector special health care with the option to choose the treatment place, or as a patient in private sector health care from anywhere in Finland. The Heart Hospital has facilities in Tampere, Valkeakoski and Helsinki.

An interprofessional cardiology team for the patient's best interests

The operations of the Heart Hospital have been designed around the patient's treatment path, so that the patient will stay in the same unit throughout the whole treatment period. Our operations model makes it possible to admit and treat patients quickly.

The Heart Hospital employs nearly 400 professionals, approximately 60 of them physicians, specialising in treatment and care of cardiac diseases. The cardiology team includes physicians and nurses specialising in cardiac treatment, as well as other professionals specialising in cardiac care and treatment. With an interprofessional team, patients are provided with a flexible, reliable and safe treatment experience.

Persons in charge

CEO, Chief Medical Officer Kari Niemelä
Cardiology Service Manager, Consultant Vesa Virtanen
Cardiology Director, Senior Physician Pasi Lehto
Surgery and Anaesthesiology Service Manager, Consultant Timo Porkkala
Cardiothoracic Director, Consultant Mika Kohonen