Tays Sastamala Hospital

We treat patients requiring different kinds of special health care in collaboration with Tays Central Hospital and Tays Hatanpää Hospital. We provide outpatient treatment, ward treatment and rehabilitation. At our hospital, a physician's referral is always needed for studies and treatment by a specialist. The referral should be sent to Tays.

We examine and treat patients who have, for example:

  • internal diseases
  • urological diseases
  • diseases requiring general surgery
  • gastroenterological diseases
  • mental health disorders
  • need for rehabilitation

Treatment at Tays Sastamala Hospital

We have a specialist's reception in the following specialties: general surgery, orthopaedics, urology, gastric surgery, gastroenterology, gynaecology, vascular surgery, otorhinolaryngology, internal diseases, endocrinology, rheumatology and psychiatry. Nurses' receptions are available for patients with diabetes, rheumatoid diseases, sleep apnoea and skin diseases. The hospital has approximately 4,000 outpatient visits a month.

We provide special health care ward treatment and rehabilitation for patients in the wards of internal medicine and rehabilitation. These patients have had a procedure either at Tays Central Hospital, Tays Hatanpää Hospital or the Heart Hospital. The proportion of emergency patients is approximately 25 percent. There is a dialysis unit in connection with the Internal Medicine Ward, open from Monday to Saturday.

The psychiatric ward provides treatment to patients requiring psychiatric ward treatment. There are approximately 250 ward treatment periods a month.

X-ray imaging and laboratory services related to patient studies and treatments are available at Tays Sastamala Hospital at the laboratory or X-ray offices, or at other units in Tays when necessary.

The social and health care services of the Sastamala region (Sotesi) and the health care centre's emergency reception operate in the same building as the hospital.

We constantly collect feedback from patients about their experiences of the care, treatment and guidance they have received. Based on the feedback, 98 percent of patients have felt that the treatment they received was very good or good. Likewise 98 percent of patients would recommend the Tays Sastamala Hospital to a family member if he or she needed treatment.


Medical Director Rainer Zeitlin
Chief Nursing Director Anu Tanskanen