Pregnancy and childbirth

The Tampere University Hospital is the most popular maternity hospital in Finland after the hospitals in the Helsinki metropolitan area. About 4,400 babies are delivered annually in our hospital. We emphasise customer responsiveness and are committed to baby-friendly treatment practices. We have family rooms available in the ‘Perheonni’ unit of the patient hotel, for example.

Tampere University Hospital also treats a large number of high-risk pregnancies, the follow-up of which takes place at the Maternity Outpatient Clinic.

We emphasise customer responsiveness in childbirth and want to support the normal progress of the delivery. We have a complete range of modern medicinal and non-medicinal pain relief methods available, such as regional anaesthesia and a tub. We take account of the mothers’ wishes concerning delivery care and pain relief.

Around 14 per cent of the mothers in our hospital undergo a Caesarean section. We have specialists on call round the clock, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is located in the immediate vicinity of the Maternity Room.

Families giving birth to a child at the Tampere University Hospital may choose to stay overnight at the ‘Perheonni’ unit of the patient hotel if there are no particular risks involved with the mother or the baby. There are also family rooms available at the Maternity Ward.

Persons in charge

Head of Department Riikka Niemi
Deputy Chief Physician Kati Tihtonen
Nursing Director Terhi Virtanen