Care and treatment after childbirth

After childbirth, the mother and the baby are usually transferred to the rooming-in ward or to a family room in the Patient Hotel. If the baby needs special monitoring or treatment at the Neonatal Unit, the mother will be treated at the same unit.

At the rooming-in ward, the mother and the baby can be together around the clock. A designated nurse guides the family in taking care of the baby and in breastfeeding as necessary. Learning is most effective by doing, so we encourage the parents to take independent initiative.

If the childbirth did not involve any complications and the condition of newborn baby is good, the mother and child may also transfer to the ‘Perheonni’ unit of the patient hotel after childbirth. In the family room, the whole family can be together and take time to get to know one another.

If the baby is treated in the Neonatal Unit, the parents can stay with the baby and participate in their child’s care. The mother will be given guidance on how to express breast milk, among other things.

The baby will always be examined by a paediatrician before discharge. Following a short-stay delivery, the baby will be referred to check-up at the Midwife Outpatient Clinic.

Persons in charge

Senior Physician Katja Mäkelä
Ward Manager Terhi Päivinen