We emphasise genuine customer responsiveness and want to support the normal progress of the delivery. We receive mothers about to give birth not only from Tampere and the neighbouring municipalities, but also from other parts of Finland if the mother is in need of specialised care or has specifically chosen to give birth in our hospital.

Our maternity unit is located in the 4th floor of Building D, Tays Central Hospital, Tampere, visiting address Elämänaukio 2 (parking garage at Kuntokatu 2). From parking garage follow the "Synnytys" signs.

You can come to the hospital without giving prior notice. If you wish, you can seek advice on childbirth or breaking of water. You can call 03 311 65942. We use the callback service. Listen to and follow the instructions provided to the end. Note that the callback is from an unknown number.

We emphasise genuine customer responsiveness in perinatal care and want to support the normal progress of the delivery. To this end, we have adopted a low-risk childbirth model.

Childbirth at Tays

In 2021, a total of 4673 babies were delivered in the Tampere University Hospital. Of these, 67 were twin deliveries and one triplet delivery. Around 1 in every 6 babies is delivered by Caesarian section.

We systematically collect customer feedback and the mother's own assessments of their deliveries. 

After delivery, 95 percent of the mothers considered their childbirth experience positive. If the experience was negative, the midwife who assisted with the delivery may contact the mother after discharge if the mother so wishes.

Persons in charge

Chief physician Kati Jalkanen
Nursing Director Tuija Leppä