Research and development

In addition to good care, the tasks of Tays as a university hospital also include research and development. They help to find ways to produce the most effective treatment possible and thus support health and well-being.

  • Tays Research Services supports research and provides services to both researchers and cooperation partners.
  • About 110 new health science research projects are launched in Tays every year. They produce about a thousand scientific publications each year.  An average of 60 doctoral degrees are completed at the Tays campus each year.
  • The research is financed with state research funding (VTR), other public science funding, budget funding from the hospital district as well as industrial assignments, totalling approximately 9 million euros per year.
  • At Tays, operations are constantly being developed.  The scale ranges from streamlining day-to-day work to large development projects, such as new buildings planned to support the operations or the introduction of digital services in OmaTays.
  • In Tays, every employee is encouraged to be a developer in their work.