Regional Ethics Committee of the Expert Responsibility area of Tampere University Hospital

Tampere University Hospital Ethics Committee provides opinions on medical research on human and human embryos as well as fetuses in Pirkanmaa Hospital District and its Expert Responsibility area.

Any medical research conducted on a human being in Tays may not begin until after it has received a favourable opinion by the Ethics Committee and a written permission from the Director of Division or Site Manager.

Medical research means research addressing the physical or mental integrity of a human or human embryo or fetus, and seeks to increase knowledge of the causes, symptoms, diagnostics, treatment, prevention or nature of diseases in general, including medical and health research, physical education research and nutrition research.

Tasks of the Ethics Committee

  • Provide an opinion on clinical drug trials delegated by the National Medical Research Ethics Committee (TUKIJA)
  • Give an opinion on other medical research in its field
  • Provide a statement on the transfer of sample collections to Biobanks
  • Provide a statement on the change of the original intended use of specimens if consent is not obtained from the donors
  • Monitor and guide research ethics issues in its region

Members of the Ethics Committee in Finnish
Committee meeting times and deadlines in Finnish
Ethics Committee operating procedures guideline in Finnish

Material to be submitted to the Ethics Committee

When conducting research in Pirkanmaa Hospital District the research coordinator (in Finnish) of the relevant division should be contacted. The coordinator will, among other things, prepare the application for the Ethics Committee in cooperation with the researcher. All research projects must have a Finnish contact person.

The material is sent in paper form to the Secretary of the Ethics Committee at:

Tays Expert Responsibility Area Ethics Committee
Tays Research Services
PL 2000
33521 Tampere
Suomi Finland

In addition, an electronic version of the statement application (no attachments) will be sent by email to:

Only documents received before the deadline will be handled by the Ethics Committee.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are assessed by the National Committee of Medical Research Ethics (TUKIJA) or the regional ethics committee assigned by TUKIJA. Instructions about the advance notice procedure and applying the statement as well as the requested forms can be found in the TUKIJA web site.
Statement applications for clinical trials and significant changes in them, as well as notices of the end of a clinical trial must, in all cases, be made by a form certified by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Medical research

Statement application form on Other Medical Research (Microsoft Word document in Finnish) including Nursing, Health, Exercise and Nutrition Research

Privacy Policy (Microsoft Word document in Finnish)

Self-assessment of research data privacy risks (Microsoft Word document in Finnish)

In addition, the mandatory annexes and other annexes mentioned in the statement application where applicable.

Transfer of samples to a biobank

Statement application form on Samples Transfer to Biobank (Microsoft Excel document in Finnish)