What is a Biobank?

A biobank is a collection of human samples (for example tissue, blood, cells, DNA) as defined in the Biobank Act. Samples for clinical studies and diagnostic purposes have been collected throughout the history of medicine. In a biobank the collected samples can be used for a variety of future research needs. Research results are returned to the biobank which further enriches the existing data set. Biobanks are key resources leading to more personalized health care and effective treatment.

A biobank sample can be linked to the sample donor’s health data with the informed consent of the donor.

Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere (FCBT)

Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere (FCBT) aims to develop new forms of treatment and to promote health through biomedical, clinical and health science research.  FCBT is focusing especially on cardiovascular diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases and type 1 diabetes in alignment with the research strategy of both Tampere University and Tampere University Hospital.

Clinical samples collected by FCBT are used in biomedical, clinical and translational research. FCBT collects and stores samples mainly from patients in Pirkanmaa Hospital District. Samples can be used in research related to promotion of health and prevention of diseases worldwide. The biobank enables the combination of smaller sample collections to larger collections as larger collections are more easily and efficiently available for researchers. Biological data from sample collections can also be combined with health data to enable targeted and personalized treatment of a patient in the future.

FCBT serves both academic research and R&D done in medical companies. Clinical sample collections used in research can lead to more personalized health care and better diagnostics. For example, a sample collection combined with health data may help to determine the relationship between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors related to a disease.

FCBT is owned and partly funded by Pirkanmaa Hospital District. Other funders include University of Tampere, Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia and Kanta-Häme Hospital District. Biobank operations are regulated by Finnish law.

What types of samples are available for researchers?

  • Collection of blood samples (serum, plasma, DNA) collected from people who have signed a prospective biobank consent

  • Sample archive from Department of Pathology consisting of 3,4 million tissue and cell samples collected between 1.1.1963–31.8.2013

  • Sample archive from Department of Genetics consisting of 10 000 blood, cell and tissue samples collected between 1.1.1990–31.8.2013 

How to obtain samples from Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere?

The biobank can provide samples and related data for high-quality research and health science development. You can apply samples and data by using  FINGENIOUS-portal.

FINGENIOUS® – your gateway to biospecimens and health data

fingenious_colored_jpg_150dpi 459X133.jpg

Undertaking biobank research is getting easier and faster. Through FINGENIOUS® you can now reach all six Finnish hospital biobanks by completing just one feasibility and access request. FINGENIOUS® helps both academics and businesses to investigate the availability of biobank samples and related data.

FINGENIOUS® is a Finnish Biobank Cooperative (FINBB) service that allows researchers to approach all hospital biobanks using one access request. Participating are: Auria Biobank, Helsinki Biobank, Biobank of Eastern Finland, Biobank of Central Finland, Biobank Borealis and Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere.

The goal of FINGENIOUS® is to make it simpler for the researcher to work, improve research and product development and enhance Finland’s competitiveness as a research environment. The standard of biobank research in Finland is exceptionally high, with a vast collection of samples and data.

Previously the researcher had to approach each biobank using separate access requests and with different processes. FINGENIOUS® has united the processes where the researcher is able to request feasibility details from or access to different biobanks with just one form. This is a faster and easier way to start the research process.

With FINGENIOUS® it is easy to keep track of how the research process is going and it is transparent. Researchers are able to follow how their project is proceeding in the biobanks in real-time.

Feasibility enquiries and access requests through the service are free of charge for the researcher. In feasibility requests which are exceptionally large, the costs will be estimated separately. Researchers will be able to get the estimation of total project costs during the FINGENIOUS® feasibility report and access request process.

Meeting schedule for FCBT´s scientific steering group

Scientific steering group evaluates the access requests. Please check the below dates for material submissions to ensure prompt handling of your request.

Autumn 2022

Meeting date

Material submission to Fingenious® portal

Wed, 31 August

Wed, 10 August

Wed, 21 September

Wed, 31 August
Wed, 26 October Wed, 5 October
Wed, 23 November Wed, 2 November
Wed, 14 December Wed, 23 November

Contact us

The office +358 3 311 65205, biopankki@tays.fi
Director Sanna Siltanen, tel +358 44 472 2657