Our services

Tays Research Services and our partners offer a wide range of services to researchers and companies. Contact us and ask for more information!

Services related to register-based research

Individual-level material containing personal data is applied for either with a data permit application to Findata or with a request for a data permit to the Pirkanmaa Hospital District (PSHP). If data is only required from the PSHP registers, the data permit application will be addressed to the PSHP. For more detailed instructions, contact the registry research team when applying: PSHPrekisteritutkimustiimi@pshp.fi.

Biobank services for researchers

Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere supports research in its field of research and provides samples and related information for research use. The aim is to ensure fair access to the materials by applying uniform criteria.  Samples may be provided for research or product and method development. 

Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere

Real World Data - research source materials and data analyses

Data from patient care is a valuable source of information, but often difficult to access and use as such to develop treatment practices or scientific research.  In cooperation with the universities of Tampere and Helsinki, Tays is building a Centre for Analysis of Patient Data, whose task is to organise, harmonise and maintain clinical patient data in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s patient register so that researchers and other experts can access the data as easily as possible. We are developing a database and computing environment that enables secure research cooperation also with external computing experts. 

For more information please contact Data Manager Leena Hakkarainen, tel +358 44 472 956, leena.hakkarainen@pshp.fi

Other services

  • Support for academic pharmaceutical and multicentre trials
  • Monitoring researcher-driven research
  • Support for business-funded research
  • Management of research funding
  • Project Office services
  • Statistical services
  • Equipment procurement with research funding
  • SPSS Software, Redcap Software
  • Researcher facility

  • Pharmacy services
  • Imaging services
  • Laboratory services
  • Linguistic revision services
  • Research consultation services