Permits, instructions and publications

Research in Tays is subject to permits, and research is regulated in many ways.  This section contains key data related to the launch of the study, permits and publications.

Research permit

Scientific research in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District requires a research plan and a research permit.  There are different guidelines and rules for different types of research. Please ask for more information at the Tays Research Services.

Registering a study

All research is registered in the register. 

Intervention studies (i.e. prospective, controlled, comparative studies using at least two different treatments, experimental and reference methods) conducted with medicinal products, devices, surgical, behavioural and other methods of treatment to assess the effectiveness of the treatments used, shall be registered. The registration requires user IDs that you can ask for: Comittee Secretary Aila Kätka, +358 50 520 1855,

Registration of scientific publications

From 12.10.2020, the Pirkanmaa Hospital District is using the TUNICRIS publication information system, which is in common with the University of Tampere, to register its own publications and the publications of the Tays specific catchment area that carry publication points.

The granting of state research funding is based on the implementation of the priorities and objectives of the research, as well as the quality, quantity and effectiveness of research. Scientific publications are an important indicator of quality, quantity and performance.  The Research Committee allocates research funding based on applications, and the criteria mentioned above shall be used for the evaluation of the applications. It is therefore important that every scientific publication is stored.

TUNICRIS Research Portal

Good research practice and legislation

Studies carried out at the Pirkanmaa Hospital District must comply with Finnish and EU legislation and good research practice.  More information on research related legislation is available on TUKIJA web site.

Data protection for research (GDPR)

Tays Research Services advise researchers and develop processes to implement activities in the hospital district following the General Data Protection Regulation. The purpose of data protection is to guide good practices and to safeguard privacy in the processing of personal data.  The EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679, GDPR=General Data Protection Regulation) has been applied in the processing of personal data since May 2018.