The Kauppi Campus forms a tight knit treatment, education and research community consisting of Tampere University Hospital and Tampere University, especially its Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology. There are around 6000 professionals and 24 000 students in and around the campus. In addition around customers visit the campus area daily.

Active research in the hospital is important, as it enables professionals to examine and master disease and patient groups more thouroughly. New treatment protocols are taken into use as early as possible, and the effectiveness of these protocols are monitored closely. Research also enables us to develop new dignostics, medicines and treatments together with other research institutes.

Some trials require that the participating patients are deeply engaged in the trials, while other trials are not really visible to the patients. An example of such a trial is biobank research which consist of one extra bloodsample among other laboratory samples.

Research services

At Tays we want to create conditions for health-promoting scientific research and education. With instructions and services aimed at researchers, we support research work and encourage physicians to carry out research.

The instructions contain up-to-date information on the requirements set by legislation, statutes and decrees on clinical research. The instructions pertain to clinical drug research and health care research conducted in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District and the University of Tampere.

The research and innovation services of Tays, organised by Tays Research, Development and Innovation Centre, provide support services at the university hospital and for scientific health care research conducted in its catchment area.