Research Funding by the Tays Foundation

The board of directors of the Foundation grants research funding (TTR) annually for carrying out health science research in Tampere University Hospital and its affiliates. Funding from the Foundation may be granted to an individual researcher who is employed by Tays or its affiliate during the application period and to a research group whose principal investigator is employed by Tays or its affiliate during the application period.

Funding applications are evaluated by a separate evaluation working group, whose members represent a wide range of expertise in different fields of health research and have long experience in scientific research and evaluation of applications for funding for research projects. When conducting the evaluation, the evaluation criteria approved by the Research Committee of the specific catchment area of Tampere University Hospital. 

The evaluation team will make a proposal to the board of the Tays Foundation on granting the funding.  The Board of Directors of the Tays Foundation makes the funding decisions. The grants will be notified by e-mail to the recipients of funding.

The application period takes place annually in February-March. 

Contact Person: Comittee Secretary Aila Kätka, +358 50 520 1855,