State Research Funding

The state grants funding (VTR) to university-level health research once a year.  Funding can be applied for by a municipality that maintains a health care unit, a joint municipal authority, a state mental hospital or a service established by a decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The application for research funding is submitted by the director of the organisation, who shall attach to the application the research project presentations of the researchers/research groups, including operation plans and other attachments.

Applications will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the specific catchment area, which will use the evaluation criteria approved by the Research Committee of the specific catchment area of the Tampere University Hospital.  The Research Committee of the specific catchment area decides on the allocation of research funding to health care organisations in its region based on the  evaluations and award proposals received. 

The research appropriation allocated to the research project is part of the budget funding of the organisation, and the project manager (to whose research project the funding is allocated) is granted the right to use the funds, but they will not have a subjective right to the funds as would be the case with a research grant.

Contact Person: Comittee Secretary Aila Kätka, +358 50 520 1855,

Research Committee for the Tampere University Hospital specific catchment area 

The Research Committee is an institution required by the Health Care Act, which participates in the definition of the priorities and objectives of health research and decides on the allocation of state funding for research projects.  Each year, government funding is granted to the specific catchment area research committees for use in university-level health research. The proportion allocated to the Research Committee is determined following the decision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health made for a four-year period. 

The board of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District will appoint the members of the committee, the chair and the vice-chair. Each hospital district in the specific catchment area may appoint one member. The remaining members, at least six, shall be elected based on scientific and research merits.