Tays Research Services

Research Services of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District support researchers at different stages of clinical research. Research services assist in the planning of projects, the conduct of studies and the management of funding, as well as legal issues related to research, such as patenting inventions.

Information related to patients is not provided by e-mail.

E-mail format: firstname.lastname@pshp.fi, unless otherwise specified.

Contact details:

Postal address:

Tays Research Services
P.O Box 2000, 33521 Tampere


Arvo Ylpön katu 6
Finn-Medi 1, 1st floor.


+358 3 311 611


– Exceptions are mentioned separately.
– Patient information is never shared via e-mail.


Research Director Tarja Laitinen (administration)
Tel: +358 50 534 6238

Head of Department Katja Luojus
Tel: +358 50 302 4215

Clinical research unit 

  • Contract negotiation and management of academic research.
  • Contract and budget negotiations for corporate-funded pharmaceutical and equipment research, as well as research management. 
  • Management of scientific publishing processes, PSHP-CRIS, FINDATA register research process.
  • Financing advice on funding provided by the EU, the Academy of Finland and Business Finland, data protection and information security in research, university cooperation.

Head of Unit, Research Manager:
Anu Viitala, tel +358 50 592 1562

The unit responsible for committee work and research materials services

  • Regional Ethics Committee for the Tampere University Hospital specific catchment area
  • Training course in clinical research basics
  • Research Committee for the Tampere University Hospital specific catchment are
  • Science Committee
  • State research funding
  • Research funding by the Tays Foundation
  • ClinicalTrials.gov research registration

Head of unit, Research Manager, Secretary of the Regional Ethics Committee:
Kirsi Kohonen, tel  +358 3 311 67853, +358 50 329 5667

Clinical informatics

Data analytics services, data selection, registers, statistics services

Data Manager:
Leena Hakkarainen, tel +358 44 472 956

Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere

The office +358 3 311 65205, biopankki@tays.fi
Acting Director, Development Manager Kimmo Savinainen, tel +358 50 590 7515

Project office unit of responsibility

Management of research projects: employment contracts and other personnel matters, travel invoices and travel contact person, reporting, purchase and sales invoices, purchases, balance queries

Head of Unit Katja Luojus
Tel: +358 50 302 4215

FICAN Mid Cancer Centre

Chief Physician, Head of Unit
Annika Auranen
tel +358 50 4704454