Allergic Diseases

At Tays, we examine and treat patients who are suspected to have or already have an allergic disease, asthma or an occupational disease based on their symptoms. We examine patients whose illness or symptoms require further exams, such as individually designed allergy tests, exposure tests, performance tests for respiratory organs and accurate imaging studies.

We are responsible for advanced medical care, with e.g. biological drugs and cytotoxic agents, and desensitisation treatments. The maintenance period of usual desensitisation treatments is usually carried out in basic health care. At Tays, allergy patients of different ages are treated at the allergy centre of the Central Hospital.

The most common reasons for why patients are sent to Tays include:

  • a life-threatening allergic reaction, i.e., anaphylaxis
  • suspicion of allergy to a medication
  • food allergy
  • need for desensitisation treatment
  • asthma
  • atopic eczema, i.e. rash
  • prolonged cough
  • symptoms of breathing difficulties
  • suspicion of contact dermatitis, i.e. contact allergy
  • special-level tests for suspicion of occupational diseases.

Allergy tests and treatments at Tays

We perform skin tests and exposure tests for allergies and part of respiratory tract exams at the allergy centre. Some allergy tests are performed using blood samples in a laboratory, and some respiratory tract exams are performed in the unit of clinical physiology.

We provide instructions for patients on inhalation and local treatments, give nutritional guidance as well as perform desensitisation treatments and special-level medical treatments.

Special expertise at Tays

At Tays, allergic diseases are treated in collaboration between different specialties. The treatment and test practices are based on latest international research knowledge. The allergy centre staff includes specialists in dermatology, pulmonary diseases, otorhinolaryngology and paediatrics, and the physicians also conduct scientific medical research.

Persons in charge

Chief Physician Jussi Karjalainen
Ward Manager Terhi Rantalainen