Oncological Drug Research

Cancer Medication Research

An early stage (phase I–II) cancer medication research unit (FONK) operates at Tays. The objective of the unit is to improve the research possibilities of new cancer medication at the hospital, and so to introduce the new medication to patient use as early as possible.

The early stage cancer medication research unit has 2–4 patient places and operates at cancer ward RS1. New clinical pharmacotherapies are tested on patients who suffer from different types of cancer. The unit targets internationally high-quality research projects.

Patients are referred to the speciality of the cancer in question. The doctor-researcher verifies the suitability of the patient for the examinations, after which the treatment is implemented on the ward of the cancer medication research unit.

With the new operations, we ensure that Tays patients receive new cancer drugs at an early stage. At the same time, the personnel receive training in the impact mechanisms and management of side effects of these new drugs. The operations introduce new innovation and drug industry investments in the area, and reduce cancer treatment costs on a municipal level.

The unit is also the contact point to other cancer medication trials.

Email: FONK(at)pshp.fi
Telephone: +358 3 311 65357

Persons in charge

Chief Physician of the Unit Minna Tanner
Professor Johanna Mäenpää
Research Manager Saara Ojala
Research Coordinator Marjo Koivisto
Research Nurse Miia Hautamäki
Research Nurse Kristiina Loukkola