Gynaecological Oncology

Gynaecological Cancers

We at Tays examine and treat patients who suffer from gynaecological cancer, i.e. cancer of the uterus, ovaries, cervix or external female genitalia. We take care of the surgical and chemotherapy treatment of gynaecological cancer diseases and participate in the implementation of radiation therapy. Demanding cancer surgeries have been centralised at the university hospital, and the treatment and monitoring of gynaecological cancer takes place in special health care.

The gynaecological cancer treatment team includes six doctors who have specialised in the treatment of gynaecological cancer diseases, one doctor in training and nurses of the outpatient clinic, chemotherapy outpatient clinic and ward.

Examinations and treatment at Tays

When a patient has been referred to Tays due to diagnosed or suspected cancer, the patient is invited to see a specialist in the treatment of the gynaecological cancer diseases.

At an outpatient clinic visit, we perform a gynaecological examination, gynaecological ultrasound examination and, if needed, an examination of the vagina and external female genitalia, i.e. colposcopy. We also commission imaging examinations and blood tests. This visit may also involve taking biopsies.

The majority of patients need surgery. After the surgery, treatment often continues with chemotherapy and possibly radiation therapy. We provide chemotherapy at the gynaecology outpatient clinic, radiation therapy is provided by the radiation therapy outpatient clinic. Chemotherapy of patients coming from outside Pirkanmaa is implemented in their area’s own central hospital.

The follow-up monitoring of the patient takes place at the gynaecology outpatient clinic of Tays or at the central hospital of the patient’s own hospital district. The monitoring period for gynaecological cancer is special health care is three years. The frequency of follow-up visits varies from three months to one year depending on the patient’s disease.

Monitoring involves a doctor’s appointment and a gynaecological and ultrasound examination. The need for other possible examinations is assessed during the doctor’s appointment.

Special expertise at Tays

Tays is a pioneer in robot-assisted endoscopic surgery and, whenever possible, cancer is treated with endoscopic surgery.

In the case of treating advanced ovarian cancer, we perform active scientific research. Participation in national and international clinical medication trials is one of the principles of our operations, and there are continuously several clinical cancer medication trials ongoing at our unit.

Persons in charge

Professor, Chief Physician Johanna Mäenpää
Chief Physician of the Unit Annika Auranen