Cervical Cancer

Approximately five women out of a thousand are diagnosed with cervical cancer. The risk is greatest among women of fertile age. The symptoms may include abnormal bloody discharge, especially after intercourse. We at Tays treat cervical cancer with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Cervical cancer is diagnosed with the help of a Pap smear and biopsies. The main cause of the disease is human papillomavirus, i.e. HPV.

Examinations and referral to Tays

If a Pap smear or biopsies taken in outpatient health care indicate cervical cancer, further examinations will primarily take place at the surgery of a doctor specialising in gynaecological cancer treatment. In Pirkanmaa, South Ostrobothnia and Kanta-Häme, patients are referred to Tays Central Hospital where the treatment has been centralised.

In order to determine the spread of the disease, a gynaecological examination, gynaecological ultrasound examination, possibly a loop electrosurgical excision procedure, i.e. taking a more extensive sample from the cervix, lower abdomen magnetic resonance imaging and full-body CT scan are performed.

Treatment of cervical cancer

If the disease is local, the treatment includes hysterectomy, adjacent cervix tissue removal and the removal of lymph nodes of the pelvic area. The surgery is primarily done as robot-assisted, endoscopic surgery. Under special circumstances, if the patient still wishes to conceive, a surgery conserving the body of the uterus can be considered.

If the disease has spread to the adjacent cervix tissue or further, the treatment is usually radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy.


The monitoring of a treated disease is implemented in special health care. The monitoring period is three years.

Persons in charge

Chief Physician of the unit Synnöve Staff
Deputy Chief Physician Minna Mäenpää