Susan Langmore, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Susan Langmore
Susan Langmore

Executive Director, Instructor & Co-founder

Dr. Langmore is a clinician, teacher, and researcher.  She has worked as a speech pathologist her entire career, and has worked extensively in aphasia, dysarthria, and dysphagia.  She has worked in acute care, ICU, rehab, and outpatient settings, and with patients who have neurologic diseases, pulmonary conditions, and head and neck cancer. 

Dr. Langmore has made many significant contributions to the field of Speech Language Pathology, starting with the development of the FEES procedure in the 1980's.  She has altered the medical field's perception and management of aspiration pneumonia with her research in the 1990's, and has recently completed a multi-center NIH funded clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of electrical stimulation for dysphagia in head and neck cancer patients. 

Dr. Langmore was awarded the ASHA Fellowship in 1998 and then ASHA Honors in 2012.  She has served on NIH review committees and is a reviewer or editor of a dozen medical journals. 

Currently a Professor of Otolaryngology at Boston University School of Medicine and Clinical Professor at Boston University Sargent College, she mentors junior faculty and is involved in a number of clinical trials.  When not working, she enjoys yoga, wine, skiing, and traveling the world.

Trish Cavanagh, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Thrish Cavanaugh
Trish Cavanagh


MS Trish Cavanagh has been a Speech Pathologist at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center (SFVAMC) since 1995. She is Chief of the Speech Pathology Section and an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University where she teaches the graduate dysphagia course.  At the San Francisco VA, she specializes in dysphagia of all etiologies with a special focus in the head and neck cancer population as the dedicated SLP to the Otolaryngology Service. 

She is frequent presenter of FEES, video stroboscopy, dysphagia and laryngectomy conferences in association with Stanford University, UCSF, California state (CSHA) and national professional associations (ASHA) and the Langmore LLC.  When not doing clinical work or teaching, Trish enjoys spending time with her family, surfing in Northern California, knitting and making chainmaille jewelry.