Gynaecological Diseases

At Tays, we study and treat symptoms and diseases of the uterus, ovaries, uterine tubes, vagina and external genital organs. These include, for example, dysfunctional bleeding, menstrual pains, uterine prolapse, urine incontinence, pain in the lower abdomen and hormonal imbalance, as well as cancers and tumours. We also treat infertility problems and provide fertility treatments.

A gynaecological patient or pregnant woman is sent to specialised care when her condition or symptoms require specialist assessment and treatment. Treatment is provided on the basis of a referral. Treatment is provided without a referral to women giving birth or in emergency cases.

Tests and treatment at Tays

Primary studies include a pelvic exam and ultrasound performed by a gynaecologist. In addition, imaging and laboratory studies may be carried out.

Sometimes the treatment of a disease requires surgical procedures. Some procedures can be done as day surgeries, and after large surgeries patients stay the night at the hospital.

Gynaecological patients are treated at all four Tays hospitals: Tays Central Hospital, Tays Hatanpää, Tays Valkeakoski and Tays Sastamala Hospitals. Tays Central Hospital is responsible for emergency services, surgeries requiring overnight stay, cancer surgery and hormonal and infertility treatments. Tays Hatanpää and Tays Valkeakoski Hospitals provide day surgery and outpatient services. Tays Sastamala Hospital provides outpatient services, including outpatient procedures.

Special expertise at Tays

Gynaecological cancers are mainly treated at university hospitals. At Tays, we operate annually on 250–300 patients due to gynaecological cancer or suspicion of cancer. We also provide cytotoxic treatment and chemotherapy for cancer patients.

We use modern surgical techniques and perform many short-stay endoscopic surgeries. Patients usually receive the appointment for surgery directly during the outpatient clinic visit, making it easier to arrange home and work duties.

We have the longest experience in Finland of robotic surgeries. Patients recover faster after robotic surgeries than after open surgeries. We have performed over 500 robotic surgeries since 2009.

Our Reproductive Endocrinology Outpatient Clinic is responsible for one third of infertility treatments on Finland's public sector. We use all modern treatment techniques and methods, and our results are nationally at an excellent level. For years, we have also helped men and women whose fertility has been threatened by cancer treatment, for example.

We also treat severe hormonal disorders and transsexual persons.

Persons in charge

Director of Division Marja-Leena Lähdeaho
Professor Hannele Laivuori
Head of Department Riikka Niemi