Hospital Chaplaincy

Hospital chaplains work at the hospitals to support patients, family members and staff. In their work, hospital priests are bound by confidentiality and to respecting each person's individual beliefs.

Hospital chaplains are Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church priests who have special training. They also act as trainers and professional supervisors.

The work of priests is focused on private conversations with patients, family members and staff. The hospital priest works in collaboration with the unit staff. The hospital priest is bound by confidentiality and will not write down discussions in the patient records.

The work of a hospital priest includes

  • personal discussions
  • chaplaincy groups
  • church ceremonies
  • prayers at the hospital

Hospital pastors can be called on personal numbers from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays.

On-call hospital priest

The on-call hospital priest can be contacted via the staff of the treatment unit. The on-call hours are on weekdays from 4 pm until 10 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 10 pm.


Tays Central Hospital

There are three hospital priests and six church tutors for children. The priests' offices are located near the main lobby in the D building, next to the dining hall and in the lobby of the R building.

Hospital pastor Juha Seppälä
Hospital pastor, professional supervisor Eija Kasari
Hospital pastor, Annukka Helle

Tays Hatanpää

Hospital pastor Heimo Suonsivu, tel. 044 485 8963
Hospital pastor Teemu Paarlahti, tel. 044 485 8484

Tays Pitkäniemi

Hospital pastor Elina Kaunisto, tel. 050 477 2320 ja 044 472 8853

Intellectual disability services

Pastor for people with intellectual disabilities Pirjo Tuiskunen