Imaging Services

We perform imaging studies and treatment procedures related to them. Imaging can be used in the diagnosis of diseases. We also analyse different vital functions, sleep and alertness as well as electrical brain activity.

Imaging studies and procedures done at Tays include, for example:

  • lung and bone x-ray scans
  • computed tomography scans
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • ultrasound scans
  • isotope scans
  • lung function studies
  • electrical brain activity studies
  • sleep and alertness studies

Tests and procedures at Tays

A physician's referral is always needed for imaging scans and procedures at Tays.

The patient will receive the instructions for the scans either from the referring physician or the instructions will be sent home separately. The time and place of the scan are assigned according to the patient's place of residence and the scan in question and depending on where the scan can be done as soon as possible.

It is important to agree with the physician on the most suitable times and ask how to change the imaging scan appointment if necessary.

Imaging scans are performed at the Tays Central Hospital, Tays Hatanpää, Tays Valkeakoski and Tays Sastamala Hospitals and Orivesi health centre. To some imaging studies the patient can come from home, but some require that the patient arrives at the hospital for an appointment.

We operate around the clock, and we also provide versatile imaging studies for emergency patients.

Special expertise at Tays

We are the leading university-level research unit in the region. We train new professionals in the field and utilise the latest technology in disease diagnostics. When necessary, we provide expert assistance to other health care departments and hospital districts.

Persons in charge

Radiology, Deputy Chief Physician Irina Rinta-Kiikka
Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine, Chief Physician Mika Kähönen
Clinical Neurophysiology, Chief Physician Olli Kutvonen
Medical Physics, Chief Physicist Mika Kapanen
Centre for Vascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology, Chief Physicist Velipekka Suominen