Internal medicine

At Tays, we study and treat internal medicine patients whose disease requires further studies to determine the cause, such as endoscopies, imaging or rare blood samples. We are responsible for dialysis treatment, nutritional treatment as well as advanced medical treatment for blood and rheumatoid diseases and infectious diseases, for example.

Internal medicine is divided into organ-specific specialties:

It is typical of internal diseases that they are not only related to one medical specialty. For example, diabetes is a metabolic disease, but it also causes different heart and kidney diseases.

The division of tasks between basic health care and specialised health care varies according to specialty, as do the treatment methods used.

Tests and treatment at Tays

At Tays, we study and treat internal diseases at the Tays Central Hospital and Tays Hatanpää, Tays Sastamala and Tays Valkeakoski Hospitals. The treatment of heart diseases is allocated to Tays Heart Hospital.

The majority of patients are studied and treated at outpatient clinics. The internal medicine specialties have their own outpatient clinics which treat diseases typical for each specialty. In addition, preliminary analyses are performed in the case of unclear conditions.

A small number of patients requires treatment in the ward, e.g. due to a difficult inflammatory disease condition or problems related to mobility. The majority of ward periods last less than a week.

Emergency treatment is needed in situations where the condition can worsen without immediate treatment, such as in bacterial infections or critical endocrine organ diseases.

Internal disease emergency patients are treated either in the observation unit of Tays Accident and Emergency Department or the Internal Medicine Emergency Unit. The patient's follow-up care takes place in the unit focusing on the treatment of the disease in question. Often the patient can be discharged after preliminary analysis, or transferred to follow-up care in a health centre.

Special expertise at Tays

  • Treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer in an interprofessional foot working group.
  • Adrenal gland catheterisation study in the treatment of hyperaldosteronism.
  • Interprofessional obesity surgery working group.
  • There is a possibility to get an outpatient clinic visit on short notice after a visit to the First Aid Unit; it is a so-called quick outpatient clinic.

Persons in charge

Chief Physician Jaakko Antonen
Nursing Director Kaija Roine-Mentula
Nursing Director Riitta Koponen