Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

At Tays, we study, treat and rehabilitate patients with musculoskeletal diseases, who suffer from spine-based pain problems or stress and arthrosis-induced problems in the extremities. The majority of patients are treated in health centres, but if the pain symptoms are prolonged or the working and functional ability are not restored despite the rehabilitation, the patient may be referred to Tays.

The problems and conditions treated at Tays include spine-based diseases that cause pain, joint-based diseases and functional problems resulting from overload that give rise to essential impairment in functional ability.

The patients frequently have multiple foci of pain along with other somatic or psychiatric disorders, in which case we are talking about a multiproblem patient.

Examinations and treatment at Tays

The patient will be referred to us for examinations if the symptom that reduces the patient's functional ability is, or is becoming, chronic and the treatment calls for further examinations. A patient whose working or functional ability could not be successfully restored in primary health care by means of physical therapy or other rehabilitating action will also be referred to Tays.

In addition to a clinical examination carried out by a physician, we also typically use a range of imaging methods such as x-ray, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging as well as electroneuromyography examinations. We also have an exercise physiologist available who can comprehensively assess the body’s functional ability.

We treat the majority of musculoskeletal disorder and multiproblem pain patients at the outpatient clinic. The outpatient clinics provide physical and occupational therapy to address problems involved with conditions such as musculoskeletal diseases and pelvic floor disorders, neurological and hand surgery problems, cancer diseases, pulmonary diseases and paediatric diseases. The treatment series are typically short, and follow-up treatment normally takes place in primary or occupational health care.

Special expertise at Tays

Tays has special physical and rehabilitation medicine expertise in the evaluation and treatment of spine-based problems and diseases. Tays has a Spine Center where spine-based diseases are evaluated and treated together with specialists in physical and rehabilitation medicine, orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons and in collaboration between different diagnostic disciplines. The evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor disorders are also highly advanced.

Our research projects focus on spine-based problems and on the mapping out of movement control disorders related to pain and neurological diseases.

Persons in charge

Chief Physician Timo Ruusila
Ward Manager Arja Lumiaho