Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases

At Tays, we study and treat patients with dental, oral and maxillary diseases. We are responsible for orthodontic treatment and oral and maxillary surgeries. In addition, we are responsible for advanced dental treatment, including treatment of teeth and their supportive tissues, dental prostheses, occlusion issues, dysfunctions of the mandibular joint and paediatric dental care.

Procedures done at Tays include, for example:

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • Advanced corrective surgeries for disproportions in the face and mandibular joints
  • Tooth extraction, e.g. before joint replacement or heart surgery
  • Replacing congenitally missing teeth with implants
  • Mucous membrane diseases in the mouth and face area, as well as surgery for malignant tumours

Orthodontic treatment

  • Orthodontic treatment for severe malocclusion and facial area syndromes
  • Splint treatment for sleep apnoea patients
  • Occlusion treatment for patients with paediatric rheumatoid arthritis

Advanced dental care

  • Replacing severe occlusion problems and congenitally missing teeth with dental prostheses
  • Mandibular joint dysfunctions
  • Dental care for children under anaesthesia as well as adults with developmental disabilities

Tests and treatment at Tays

Patients with oral and maxillofacial diseases are mainly treated at outpatient clinics. Outpatient clinics perform the clinical studies and orthodontic treatments of all specialties, as well as clinical dental treatments in dentists' reception rooms.

In the operating room of the Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases Outpatient Clinic, we perform small surgical procedures, such as surgical extraction of unerupted wisdom teeth, together with a sedative premedication if necessary. Patients can go home after the appointment, but especially those who have received premedication must stay in the observation room for a few hours. Radiological studies are performed in the X-Ray Unit in the same building.

Maxillary surgeries are performed in joint operating rooms of the Otology and Oral Diseases, and after the surgery, treatment continues in ward 6a or 6b. Patients spend two or three nights in the ward in general.

We provide emergency treatment for sudden bleeding, life-threatening sudden oral and jaw diseases, jaw fractures and other procedures requiring acute hospital treatment.

In addition to Tays Central Hospital, oral and jaw diseases are treated at Tays Valkeakoski Hospital and Tays Pitkäniemi Hospital. Valkeakoski Hospital treats all patients who can be treated in day surgery, i.e. patients who do not need treatment in the ward, as well as dental treatments done under anaesthesia. Patients in Pitkäniemi as well as patients with developmental disabilities are mainly treated in the dental care unit of Pitkäniemi Hospital.

Special expertise at Tays

In our scientific research, we investigate especially the long-term permanence of the treatment results of jaw surgeries, possible treatment complications as well as changes in quality of life in the experience of patients. In sleep apnoea patients, we study the effect of jaw surgeries on the dilation of the upper respiratory tract as well as on parameters measured during a sleep study.

In the study and treatment of the mandibular joint of paediatric rheumatoid arthritis patients, we work in interprofessional collaboration with paediatricians, imaging experts as well as all specialised dentists in dental health care.

Persons in charge

Chief Dentist in charge Kimmo Suomalainen
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Chief Dentist Aimo Miettinen
Orthodontics: Chief Dentist Timo Peltomäki