Newborn Problems

Most births proceed without problems and the baby is moved to rooming-in care either on the maternity ward or in the patient hotel. However, 15–20 per cent of all newborns need inpatient ward or intensive care due to conditions such as preterm birth, infection, low blood glucose or complications encountered during delivery or due to the mother’s illness.

At Tays, the baby is assigned 2–3 designated nurses who are primarily responsible for the child's care during their shift. A physician-in-charge is also assigned. The care team also comprises a physiotherapist, a social worker, a crisis worker and other special experts as needed.

The physiotherapist monitors and provides counselling in the support of the baby’s motoric skills. The social worker provides the family with guidance, advice and assistance in applying and arranging different kinds of benefits and services, among other things. The crisis worker provides help in the form of discussions and support in the growth to parenthood.

The parents are the best caregivers to their own child, so their presence and participation in the treatment of their baby as much as possible from the very beginning is essential. Kangaroo mother care strengthens the attachment between the baby and the parents and furthers the child’s growth and development.

Persons in charge

Chief of Neonatology Unit Päivi Korhonen
Specialist Riitta Ojala
Specialist Mia Julkunen