Parking and Transportation

Parking places have been reserved for patients and visitors, especially around the main entrances and close to the emergency services. There is an underground parking hall for the patients and visitors in the Tays Central Hospital area. Client parking is subject to a fee at the Tays Central Hospital and parts of the Tays Hatanpää Hospital. It is free of charge in our other hospitals.

Driving and parking at Tays Central Hospital

  • From Teiskontie, drive along Lääkärinkatu to the Tays Central Hospital main entrance in the Radius building (the R building). You can also get to the childbirth paediatric emergency services from Teiskontie via the Lääkärinkatu intersection. If you use a navigator, set Lääkärinkatu as the destination and follow the signs in the area.
  • Drive to the First Aid Unit Acuta and the Biokatu units from Teiskontie via the Kuntokatu intersection. Set Kuntokatu or Biokatu as the destination in the navigator and follow the signs in the area.

Near the entrance, there is car park Riviparkki for clients, marked with 'P-asiakas' signs around the area.

Parking places for disabled persons are located to the left of the entrance of the R building. Patients can be escorted to the front of the main entrance, but parking there is prohibited.

The parking places at Tays are subject to a fee on weekdays and midweek holidays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. In front of Tays First Aid Unit Acuta, parking is subject to a fee around the clock on every day of the week.

A car park with 200 spaces in the Tays Central Hospital area, with an entrance from Ensitie


A new car park for close to 300 cars was opened in May in the Tays Central Hospital area. The entrance to the car park is from Ensitie.

The car park is subject to a fee: the price is € 2 / hour on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and € 0.50 / hour at other times. You can use coins, bank and credit cards as well as the eParking, Parkman and Easypark applications to pay the car park fee. Bank notes cannot be used to pay for parking.

The Tays shuttle bus operates between the car park and the units on weekdays from 7.20 a.m. to 3.40 p.m.

Because there is no indoor passage from the parking hall to the other hospital buildings yet, a free shuttle bus service is offered to the car park customers. The Tays shuttle bus operates on weekdays. The first shuttle bus leaves the car park at 7.20 a.m. and the last departure from the car park is at 3.40 p.m. The whole route takes approximately 20 minutes.

Bus route:

  • Parking Hall, Ensitie
  • Tays Eye Centre/Patient Hotel, Biokatu 14
  • Radius, Niveltie
  • Z-buildings, back yard
  • back to starting place at Parking Hall, Ensitie

Public transport to the Tays Central Hospital

When coming from the Tampere city centre by bus, the closest bus stop to the main entrance of the Tays Central Hospital in the R building is the Perhetukikeskus stop.

When coming from the direction of Kangasala, the bus stop closest to the main entrance is the Hoitokoti stop.

When going to the Tays First Aid Unit Acuta or the Biokatu units, the closest bus stops are located in the intersection of Teiskontie and Kuntokatu.

In the summer of 2018, the buses 5 and 32 of Tampere Public Transport will start driving along the Arvo Ylpön katu street and stop near the Patient Hotel/Tays Eye Centre as well as at the Tays Arvo bus stop near the premises of the University of Tampere. Route Guide Tampere Transport

Read more about special arrangements during the construction on the hospital area.

Parking at Tays Hatanpää, Valkeakoski, Sastamala and Pitkäniemi Hospitals

There are car parks for patients and visitors near the main entrances of the hospitals. In the Tays Hatanpää Hospital area, parking is either subject to a fee or has time limitations. Client parking is free at the Tays Valkeakoski, Sastamala and Pitkäniemi hospitals.

Patients can be escorted to the front of the main entrance, but parking there is prohibited.