Parking and Transportation

Parking places reserved for patients and visitors are situated around the main entrances and close to the emergency services. The parking hall in Kuntokatu 2 has an access to the main entrance. 

Parking is subject to a charge at the Tays Central Hospital and partly at Tays Hatanpää Hospital. Parking is free of charge in other Tays hospitals.

Tays Central Hospital area

Public transportation 

When using public transportation, see Tampere Public Transport

Parking at Tays Central Hospital

Parking places on map: see and choose section “Liikenne”. All the parking places are marked with letter P.

The parking places at Tays are subject to a charge on weekdays and midweek holidays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In front of Tays Accident and Emergency Department Acuta, parking is subject to a fee around the clock on every day of the week.

A parking hall in the Tays Central Hospital area, address Kuntokatu 2

A parking hall for 400 cars can be found in Kuntokatu 2, Tays Central Hospital area. From parking hall there is an access to the main lobby.

Parking fees:

2€/hour on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
0.50€/hour at other times.

You can use bank and credit cards as well as the eParking, Parkman and Easypark applications to pay the car park fee. Bank notes cannot be used to pay for parking.


Parking at Tays Hatanpää, Valkeakoski, Sastamala and Pitkäniemi Hospitals

There are car parks for patients and visitors near the main entrances of the hospitals. In the Tays Hatanpää Hospital area, parking is either subject to a fee or has time limitations. Client parking is free at the Tays Valkeakoski, Sastamala and Pitkäniemi hospitals.

Patients can be escorted to the front of the main entrance, but parking there is prohibited.