Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery

At Tays, we study patients who have tissue defects due to e.g. removal of cancer, a hereditary malformation or injury. To replace the missing or removed tissue, we construct a structure that matches the original as much as possible using different tissue implants.

Surgeries performed at Tays include the following, for example:

  • constructing a new breast
  • breast reductions and shape corrections
  • breast surgeries for transsexual persons
  • creating implants to correct tissue defects, such as
    • construction of a new part of jaw or tongue
    • covering an open fracture
    • replacing a tissue defect caused by a soft tissue tumour
  • skin cancer surgeries
  • corrective surgery for eyelids
  • treatment of acute and chronic wounds
  • treatment of burns and scars.

Plastic surgery at Tays

The majority of patients at Tays who need plastic surgery are treated at the Central Hospital, and some surgeries are performed at Tays Valkeakoski Hospital. Tays Valkeakoski Hospital treats mainly patients who can be discharged on the same or following day.

Advanced surgeries correcting tissue defects are performed at the Central Hospital, and severe soft tissue injuries are treated in collaboration with other units.

Before the surgery, blood tests may be taken when necessary, and some patients will also have a preliminary visit to the surgeon or anaesthesiologist. The majority of the patients arrive at the hospital on the day of surgery.

Special expertise at Tays

We have significant special expertise in microsurgery. We treat difficult and complex tissue defects in collaboration with other specialties. Tays has high-level collaboration in the treatment of e.g. head and neck area tumours, sarcomas and gynaecological tumours.

The breast team at Tays has extensive expertise in breast construction and shaping techniques, as well as in oncoplastic techniques for surgical treatment of breast cancer. Based on the patient's free choice of the hospital, we are increasingly receiving patients requesting transsexual breast surgeries.

Tays has plastic surgery emergency services available around the clock.

Person in charge

Chief Physician Minna Kelloniemi