Rare Diseases

At Tays, we study and treat rare diseases in children and adults. It can be challenging to identify rare diseases. When necessary, patient cases are presented to the Tohtori Taussi ('Doctor Tays') group for difficult diagnostics, which focuses on cases that are difficult to diagnose. The group consists of experts specially selected for each case.

Rare diseases are diseases that are diagnosed in up to five out of 10,000 people. It has been estimated that approximately 300,000 Finns, which is 6% of the population, have some rare disease, injury, syndrome or malformation. There are approximately 8,000 rare diseases, and the majority are genetic and often also hereditary.

The rareness of diseases creates challenges in the identification, treatment, and rehabilitation of rare diseases and injuries, the related services and in how the patients cope in every-day life. The problem is getting diagnosed and finding the experts.

At Tays, we study and treat patients with rare diseases in all specialties:

Expert group for difficult diagnostics

Identifying a rare disease can be challenging. If the specialist doctor to whom the referral is addressed is unable to solve the problem alone, the patient case may be presented to a multidisciplinary team with experts representing many different specialties, and relevant experts are invited to the meeting in each individual case.

At Tays patients with rare diseases are studied and treated in all specialties. There is no separate outpatient clinic for rare diseases. The Rare Diseases Unit aims to improve the organization of care for rare diseases patients throughout the hospital.

Contact information

Physician Pasi Nevalainen, phone number 03 311 66006 
Nurse Leena Koppanen, phone number 03 311 69368