Services for Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents have special needs as hospital patients. At Tays, we support the development and learning of child and adolescent patients in the ward by offering play and stimulating activities and by providing preschool and elementary school teaching.

Play and stimulating activities are organised in the paediatric wards by the hospital kindergarten teacher and play tutors of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Play activities promote the child's healing and rehabilitation and support his or her healthy side. Special play programmes promoting individual development and learning are designed for paediatric patients with long-term illnesses. The content of the activities is based on the early childhood education plans of the church and hospital.

Preschool education is provided at the hospital if the treatment period in the ward lasts a week or longer. Children and adolescents in hospital care have a constitutional right to preschool and school education. In the hospital school, the pupil studies according to the curriculum of his or her own school, or a personal learning plan may also be created for the student. The hospital school is located in the hospital area. When necessary, the teacher can visit the ward to provide school education for children who cannot attend the hospital school.

Hospital clowns visit the paediatric wards of Tays on two days a week.