Hospital School

Children and adolescents have a legal right to receive school teaching even when they are in a hospital. Going to school is a normal activity and a part of the life of each age group even in a difficult life situation. It supports the healthy side of life, provides feelings of success and helps to return to everyday life after the treatment period has ended.

Children and adolescents in hospital care have a constitutional right to preschool and school education. The municipality where the hospital is located is responsible for organising teaching for children and adolescents in hospital care. The teaching takes into account the pupil's condition and overall situation, as well as the daily rhythm of the wards.

Hospital teaching is based on the pupils’ own will to learn and recover so that they can return to their own schools. The hospital school plans the pupil's return to their own school and ensures that they receive the necessary support together with the pupil's school, the treating hospital and the parents.

In a hospital school, the pupil works according to the curriculum of his or her own school. A personal learning plan can also be created for the pupil. Evaluation of learning is conducted in collaboration with the school's teachers, and the teaching utilises the pupil's own school's teaching materials.

Bring your school books with you to the hospital!