Play and Adolescent Activities and Preschool

The paediatric wards of Tays provide children an opportunity for play, early childhood education and preschool education. Mentally stimulating activities are also organised for adolescents. The hospital's kindergarten teacher is responsible for these activities, planning and implementing them in collaboration with five children's tutors from the Tampere Cathedral congregation.

The age of the patients in paediatric wards varies from 0 to 16 years, and therefore activities are planned individually depending on the patient's age, skills, interests and strength. The wards have play tools, toys, books, games and hobby craft items suitable for children and adolescents of different ages.

The goal of the activities is to provide joy and pleasure and therefore promote the recovery and rehabilitation of children and adolescents. There are activities in the play rooms of children's wards on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. If a child cannot leave his or her room, the play is taken to the child.

Play activities

At the hospital, the kindergarten teacher or the play tutor is a pedagogical expert in an interprofessional work group, as well as an early childhood education teacher who supports the child's treatment and rehabilitation with early childhood education methods when necessary.  We work in collaboration with the family, ward staff and other special workers.

We enable play by planning, developing and implementing activities suitable for the child's age and developmental stage. Different forms of play are the primary method of implementation: imaginary play, role play, hospital play, games, building, creative activities, handcraft skills, nursery rhymes, reading, singing and other musical activities.

The goal of play is to give joy and feelings of success. With play, the child can process different feelings, learn new things and develop skills in various ways. When necessary, the play can also facilitate preparations for tests or procedures and adaptation to the hospital environment.

Preschool education

During ward treatment periods, children have the opportunity to participate in preschool education. The implementation of the teaching primarily follows the curriculum of the child's own day care unit or preschool. In the paediatric units, preschool education is provided by the kindergarten teacher in collaboration with theKoivikkopuisto School.

Activities for adolescents

Adolescents are offered activities and company according to their desires and needs. With adolescents, the activities focus on passing the time and feeling comfortable.

Person in charge

Kindergarten teacher Marja Rantanen